Parkinson’s Illustrations Online

Here is an index of sites which link to online catalogues of Sydney Parkinson’s paintings. This list is not exhaustive, but will give a good overview of Parkinson’s works in major collections worldwide:

Natural History Museum, London:

Natural History Museum: Endeavour Botanical Illustrations
(by clicking on highlighted regions of the map you can view Parkinson’s illustrations made at that locality)

NHM Images: Sydney Parkinson and Endeavour

NHM Images: Banks Florilegium


British Museum:

Natural History Paintings ex collection of Joseph Banks


National Library of Australia:

Natural History Paintings ex collection of James Lee


Oak Spring Garden Library:

Two Studies of Garden Flowers with Butterfly and Moth
(Select Sydney Parkinson from drop-down menu. As of April 2018 the digital images of these paintings were not available online)


British Library:

Voyages of Captain James Cook: Digital Collections


Australian Art Auction Record:

Black Naped Fruit Dove